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AdPartner platform®

— is a set of effective tools that allow advertisers to place advertising on the largest sites, achieving their business goals, and publishers monetize their audience.

We are constantly developing our technologies, improving the results of advertising campaigns.

Use an effective tool to increase sales of your product with a transparent scheme payment.


Our advantages

money Start with any budget

The start of an advertising campaign is possible with any budget that is convenient for you.

target Effective targeting

1. Specific regions and cities
2. By device, browser and OS
3. By show time

callcenter Personal manager

We will help you create, set up and optimize the AC as efficiently as possible

consol Personal Account

Statistics in real time. Flexible settings and convenient analysis tools efficiency of the Republic of Kazakhstan

money Bot Protection

We use the latest anti-fraud technologies to fight bots

security Verified sites

Ads are shown to real users on sites verified from bots

Easy integration with AdPartner System® intagration

Our technologies for your success


Target ads to specific regions. Do you sell goods only in Kyiv? Then we we will set up your advertisement only for Kyiv. Is there a delivery of goods throughout Ukraine? Then we will show advertising throughout the country


Audience targeting

We have collected user audiences, interested in your product. Checked: the conversion of such ads is 2-3 times higher



Return users who visited your site but didn't place an order. For example, The user added an item to the cart, but got distracted and did not checkout. Further, going back to Internet, he will see your advertisement for a product that he did not buy again


Dynamic Remarketing

Show ads to users based on what products or services they have recently viewed on your site, purchase history, geolocation and user preferences


White and Black sheets

Use only the most effective sites for advertising. Only place ads on sites from which there were the most calls/orders and turn off ads on sites with who do not have clients


Device and time targeting

If you have, for example, a call center with a lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00, then this time your ad will not be shown. If your customers use a mobile phone and hardly sit at the computer? Then we will show your ad only to mobile users phones


How do we do it

gear1 gear2 gear3 gear4 gear5
  • Fill in the Brief
  • Approve the media plan
  • Track the result
  • Pay
  • Company and market analysis
  • Analysis of brand advertising activities
  • Development of a promotion strategy
  • Media plan development
  • Running ads
  • Analytics and result tracking

Examples of our blocks

center-img The ad block is located in the middle of the content
  • Uniqueness

    Unique design layouts according to your corporate identity

  • Adaptability

    All layouts are developed for different types of digital devices

  • Flexibility

    We create blocks of any size, without restrictions

  • center
  • down
  • up
  • right
  • both
  • play
  • site1
  • site2
  • site3
  • adaptive

AdPartner® in numbers


over 85%
of all users

5 billion+

Ad impressions monthly

3 million+

Visitors daily


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