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automobile giant that combines Charismatic design and modern innovation and technology

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The headquarters is located in Ingolstadt (Bavaria, Germany). Motto - Vorsprung durch Technik (German) - Progress through technologies.

Company Audi AG is part of German automobile group Volkswagen Group , which is located in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.


The birth of a legend

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engineer August Horch founded his first car factory - Horch & Cie. Motorwagen Werke


August Horch

Founder of the legendary brand AUDI
August Horch (нем. August Horch, 1868-1951) - one of pioneers of the German automotive industry, design engineer and entrepreneur, company founder Horch и Audi. Biography In 1899 , the year August Horch secured financial the support of one wealthy industrialist and founded in Erendfelde, near Cologne, the company A.Horch & Co . State The company originally comprised 11 people. However, after 10 years , due to disagreements with partners, he had to leave the board of the company ...



After a legal dispute with former partners, August Horch founded the new company July 16, 1909 , which originally called August Horch Automobilwerke GmbH. Then the former "partners" sued him for violation of rights trademark, and German Reichsgericht (Supreme Court) decided that the brand Horch belongs to his former company. Therefore, Arthur Horch called a meeting with close business friends, Paul and Franz Fikentscher to come up with new name for the company. During this meeting, Franz’s son, Henry , calmly studied Latin in the corner of the room. Several times he was going to something say, but swallowed the words and continued to work until finally blurted out...

«Father -
audiatur et altera pars...

- would not be is it a good idea to call her Audi instead of Horch?»

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*Audiatur et altera pars
(or Audi alteram partem) - it is a Latin expression meaning "listen to the other side" or "let the other side be heard"
The idea of the child was enthusiastically accepted by everyone who attended the meeting ... Translated from German Horch (German: Horch) means listen . And from the Latin language AUDI - the imperative mood of the verb audire (Latin - listen). So, thanks to this linguistic analysis were born four letters of the legendary car brand.


In the city Zwickau
(German: Zwickau) was registered company Audi Automobilwerke

1909 | Август Хорьх On June 9, 1909, August Horch left the company he founded
1909 | Horch Z Horch Z with a 22-horsepower engine with a capacity of 2725 cc was especially successful with customers who love active driving
1921 | Audi Type K The car was considered one of the most technically advanced. 3,6l 4-cylinder in-line engine, max power 50 hp at 2200 rpm
1911 | Audi Type A It is the first car of this automobile concern. The car was equipped with a 4-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 22 hp
1939 | Завод Audi в Цвиккау Audi Zwickau factory was founded in 1909 by August Horch, after he was forced to leave the company Horch previously founded by him
1938 | Auto Union Type D Auto Union racing cars - A/B/C/D series were designed and built by the special racing department of Auto Union AG, Horch in Zwickau (1933-1939)
1941 | Audi Front 220/225 Roadster The Audi Front UW 220 was the first car in Europe to combine front-wheel drive with a 6-cylinder 2.2l engine, and then was replaced by the Audi Front UW 225 with a 2.25l engine
1938 | Audi 920 Development was kept secret. When a prototype Audi 920 passed sea trials, a radiator trim and a hood from Wanderer were installed on it
1912 | Audi Type C 14/35 PS - Alpensieger 4-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 3564 cc and max power of 35 hp at 1800 rpm Max speed 90 km/h
1938 | Horch 930 Horch 930 was created in the wake of the popularity of Horch 830, as the development of the success of this relatively inexpensive model, diverging "with a bang"
1937 | Horch 853 A Body frame - beech, sheathed with steel. The wide wooden steps are upholstered with rubber, and the long “wings” of the hood are aluminum
1937 | Horch 853 A The car accelerates easily and willingly. Even if you mistakenly include a third gear instead of the first gear
1911 | Audi Type A Phaeton Equipped with a 4-speed gearbox, and the maximum speed was 70 km / h. Vehicle weight was 830 kg
1941 | Horch 901 Multipurpose all-terrain vehicle Horch 901 is made on a standard frame chassis with permanent all-wheel drive - V8-cylinder engine with horizontal valves with a volume of 3.5l (80 hp)
1912 | Audi Type C 14/35 PS - Alpensieger Audi Type C more than once took prizes in the alpine races of 1912-1914. Therefore, the then Audi advertisers nicknamed the car “Alpensieger” - Alps Vanquisher
1938 | Август Хорьх Horch until the last days was distinguished by a grumpy, inanimate character
1942 | Horch 830 BL Pullman-Cabriolet The standard Pullman-Limousine body was considered one of the most popular expensive cars on the market in the 1930s
1938 | Auto Union Type D Type D - in its latest version of the 39th year, was closest to the Formula 1 cars of the 60-70s
1938 | Horch 853 A The Horch 853 model was launched in 1935. The car was equipped with a 5-liter in-line 8-cylinder engine (100 hp) and a 4-speed gearbox
1933 | Auto Union Type A Ferdinand Porsche with his team of engineers developed the revolutionary streamlined Streamliner, Type A was created in 1934


The mystery of the four rings


Four rings
- a symbol of the unification of the four Saxon car companies - Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer , which formed Auto Union AG

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The main impetus for the union was Saxon Municipal Bank - creditor of all four car manufacturers. June 29, 1932 Audi, Horch, Wanderer and DKW factories merged into Auto Union AG . Four rings became its symbol. After the merger, the company became the second automaker in Germany. Automakers did not compete with each other. Each brand was a separate market segment is highlighted. Audi was engaged in sports cars, DKW - motorcycles, Horch - special cars and premium cars class, and Wanderer - the middle segment of cars.
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Innovation and technology


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The head of the design department became Ferdinand Piech (1937 - 2019) . It was during his The company's leadership has reached premium heights. A five-cylinder engine appeared in these years (1976), turbocharging technology (1979) and quattro all-wheel drive (1980). Ferdinand Piëch (нем. Ferdinand Piëch) — austro-german automobile manufacturer, entrepreneur, design engineer, manager and majority shareholder. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG Concerns (2002–2015) and MAN (2007–2015). Member of the Porsche Automotive Dynasty (direct founder grandson dynasty Ferdinand Porsche), had an Austrian citizenship.

body styles, engine models, transmissions, as well as design and design solutions
- in the tradition of Audi

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Audi - a company focused on production high-tech cars premium segment, therefore innovative technologies take the lead in development each model. Audi’s dedicated departments develop and test even the most standard and non-obvious solutions in a special way. Audi has not only highly qualified engineers and designers, but also certified smell specialists , whose tasks include evaluating the quality of the smell in the interior of a future car.

Audi engines

Audi's current power plants are marked TFSI и TDI. TFSI - Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection - a system of turbo engines with direct injection of fuel under pressure into the combustion chamber. This is a combination of a turbine (turbocharger) with direct injection technology - FSI. Motors with TFSI technology achieve high power and torque at low fuel costs. TDI - Turbo Direct Injection or Turbodiesel Direct Injection - turbocharged diesel engine with direct (direct) injection. It is considered the most efficient automotive diesel engine of our time, based on output power and torque per unit volume of cylinders and fuel consumed.

Audi transmission

Audi, on most models, offers two types power drive - front-wheel drive (FF) system , and all-wheel drive system (4WD / AWD) - quattro. FF - Front-engine, Front-wheel drive - a vehicle transmission design in which the torque generated by the engine is transmitted to the front wheels. Front-wheel drive is well suited for everyday urban travel. 4WD / AWD - Four-wheel-drive или All-wheel-drive - torque is distributed on both axles continuously (permanent four-wheel drive) or with the possibility of turning on / off one of the axes. Audi's legendary all-wheel drive system, the quattro , is an upscale blend of power and comfort for all driving experiences. Until now, all large Audi cars (starting with the A4 model) have been equipped with a transmission with permanent all-wheel drive and a self-locking center differential: on most models it was Torsen, but some cars had a more compact unit of their own design. And for future modifications, Audi has created a new quattro ultra transmission - with a plug-in rear axle drive. From the legendary first Audi Quattro coupe in 1980 to the quattro ultra , the quattro® four-wheel drive is constantly evolving. Audi is a leading global manufacturer of premium all-wheel drive premium cars.


The future begins now.
Audi takes the step to a clean future , with reliable and safe transport - e-tron & Pop.Up

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The Audi e-tron 55 quattro
is an all-electric mid-size crossover manufactured by Audi AG, which was introduced as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron - The first all-electric car that meets the highest requirements of safety, power and comfort. Electric driving can be combined with real all-wheel drive quattro . The car uses the whole range of modern connection technologies. Audi e-tron It combines dynamics and confidence on any road surface, virtually silent and completely devoid of harmful emissions. With a range of up to 417 km , any goal becomes a reality and a source of inspiration.

Audi Pop.Up next

Audi Pop.Up next - a conceptual unmanned flying electric vehicle that can move both on the ground and in the air jointly developed by Audi , Airbus , and ItalDesign Giugiaro. A 49-inch display with face recognition system and eye tracking will be installed in the cabin. To control the machine you need only voice . Flying taxi has full autopilot controls. Platform Pop.Up - this is a passenger module, which can be combined with a wheelbase or suspended on an aircraft, having the form of a quadrocopter. Audi is responsible for the use of electrical technology and batteries, as well as unmanned control systems. Airbus is working on the development of an air module. Design Studio Italdesign Giugiaro - is responsible for the appearance of a flying taxi.


Premium design



Marc Lichte

Head of Design, AUDI AG
February 01, 2014 The chief designer of the Ingolstadt company decided to deliver Marc Lichte . Marc Lichte was previously responsible for the design of the latest generation VW Golf, which in 2013 became the worldwide car of the year. In the works, Marc Lichte “puts emphasis on expressing the core values of the brand in an emotional form and with maximum quality,” says Ulrich Hackenberg, Head of Engineering at Audi . Marc Lichte replaced at least the eminent chief designer - Wolfgang Egger , who moved to Italdesign Giugiaro studio. Italdesign Giugiaro is a creative workshop for all brands of VW Group. The company employs about 950 people . The company also provides services to external customers.


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Exterior design

Audi's exterior reflects a new design language, the language of high-tech elegance . The unique light pattern of LED headlights HD Matrix is a visual confirmation of the high level of technological equipment of the car. Compared to the previous model, the Singleframe grille has become wider and sank lower. Large side air intakes with functional elements for forming air curtains emphasize the sporty character. The Center Point of the vehicle is exactly in the middle between the axles. Wedge-shaped taillights with vertical outer segments further enhance the impression of the width of the car. They are an integral part of the sculptural rear and, thanks to the aerodynamic shape , are another confirmation of the high-tech nature of the sedan. The body color palette of the new Audi includes shades of Brilliant Black, Daytona Gray, Firmament Blue, Floret Silver, Glacier White, Ibis White, Carat Beige, Mythos Black, Navarra Blue, Seville Red, Soho Brown, Typhoon Gray and Tango Red. If desired, customers can order their own color option. Five different configuration options provide maximum personalization options : as an alternative, in the basic version, Audi offers sport, design, design selection and S line sports packages.

Lighting system design

Audi offers three headlamp options. All versions offered are LED. The first version of the LED headlights HD Matrix with a dynamic high beam control system, consisting of seven different modules. The most high-tech option is the HD Matrix LED headlamps with multi-row high beam headlights, the modules of which consist of 32 individual segments. In addition, headlights with dipped beam modules with dynamic driving system are also available. The lighting control system provides the ability to smoothly control the luminous flux from low to high beams. LED headlights Audi Matrix provide not only better illumination of the road surface, but also increased safety on the road. In the Audi Matrix LED headlights, a large number of small LEDs are responsible for the main beam, which work in conjunction with pre-connected lenses or reflectors. As soon as a camera built into the car’s body detects an approaching car, the high beam in the Audi Matrix LED headlights is turned off in its area. The system works so precisely that oncoming and moving cars in front remain in the shade, while all other areas between them and around them are still illuminated by bright high beams.
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Interior Design

Audi offers a wide selection of colors and materials, which allows in a unique way to emphasize the atmosphere of modern, timeless luxury. There are five options available: basic, sport, design, design selection (with 19-inch wheels and a package of background / contour lighting) and sports package S line (with 19- inch rims and sports suspension). Five types of decorative inserts made of high-quality open-pore wood Fine Grain Ash, Fine Grain Birch and Walnut, the processing of which provides an almost natural look, form a harmonious contrast with the interior styling. In addition, a wide selection of seat covers is available. Contour seats with customization options are available with Valcona leather upholstery, with decorative stitching and fine perforation as an option. S sport seats are also available with Valcona leather upholstery or combined leather and Alcantara upholstery. The interior of Audi is characterized by an extremely stylish strict design - an impeccable look that expresses technical competence and innovative character. High quality materials and finishes, the Germans care for comfort and luxury truly knows no bounds. An elegant dashboard and a wide continuous horizontal line of the body create a spacious atmosphere inside the cabin.


and design projects Audi

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