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Universal microphone switchable directional characteristic. The switch has 12 positions, which ensures optimum adaptation to your microphone with different acoustic design of the room.

Microphone housing is made of steel with copper plating, which provides good shielding capsule and amplifier.

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Frequency range20 Hz - 20 kHz
Polar patternimg-diagram
Output impedance200 Om
Maximum output level-10 dB
The nominal output level-40 dB
Signal / noise ratio relative to 1 Pa75 dB
Tube base model6C3P, 6S4P
Length | Diameter207 mm | 58 mm
Weight700 g


Unique holder design ensures reliable fastening of the microphone, the vibration damps undesirable external sources. The design eliminates breakage during drop microphone damping rubbers or in case of loosening.

The holder allows to turn the microphone 180 degrees vertically. Made entirely of metal (duralumin D16-T).

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The power supply is assembled in steel, according to the traditional scheme of a power transformer, rectifying diodes, capacitors for filtering and voltage regulation circuits filament voltage + 6V, polarization, and the anode power lamps + 120V. On the front panel of the unit is a switch orientation.

Input | Output connectorXLR 6 pin | XLR 3 pin
Mains voltage110 V | 220 V
Filament currentto 300 mA
Anode currentto 5 mA
Dimensions210 mm | 115 mm | 80 mm
Weight950 g


The kit includes 3 cables: 2 microphone (XLR 3 pin | XLR 6 pin) and network. The microphone 6-core shielded cable has an XLR 6pin connector on one end and a special threaded microphone connector on the other.

Lengthto 10 m
Weight0.7 kg
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Case (bag) for carrying, transporting and storing microphone.

Each microphone is packaged in a stationary (plastic / Aluminum) case, with foam filling, which if necessary transformed to suit your requirements.

The size of the model and the material of the case may vary, depending on the configuration of the order, providing full safety and performance microphone kit.