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Norway's Viking homeland invites you to enjoy the harsh northern romance: sail on a fjord cruise, stand under the northern lights and take a walk around the melancholic Oslo.

The capital of Norway is Oslo, which mixed the best features of the metropolis and the province. The attributes of the first are modern shopping centers, restaurants with a simple but very tasty cuisine, and most importantly, a variety of cultural attractions: unusual architecture, museums and galleries.

The province is reminded of the widest opportunities for recreation, traditionally considered suburban: local beaches and ski slopes are no worse than in specialized European resorts.


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Tour | Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway, located on the southern coast of the country at the northern tip of the Oslo Fjord. The city is known for its parks and museums, many of which are located on the Bigde Peninsula.

Oslo is worth a visit to the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum, which exhibits wooden vessels from the 9th century. From the ski jump in Holmenkollen, which is famous for the oldest ski museum in the world, there is a beautiful view of the fjord.

Oslo has a limitless selection of restaurants whose chefs love experimenting, with many restaurants specializing in locally sourced food. Thanks to this, local gastronomy has won international vocation, which, however, contributed to the metropolitan culture of coffee houses and bars.

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Tour | Mountains


The territory of Norway stretches along the western coast of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The area of the country is 385 thousand km2, while the coastline is almost 10 times longer than the land borders. Norway borders with Russia, Sweden and Finland, while it owns 50 thousand islands.

The landscape here is rather scarce, represented by mountain systems. A special place is occupied by glacial peaks and fjords - bays surrounded by steep cliffs.

In fact, modern Norway is a continuous highland from various formations such as granite. About 130 thousand km2 of the total area of the country rise above sea level. The mountains are quite undulating, and against their background, bays and valleys look like small cracks.


Tour | Lakes

One of the best fishing spots in the world, of course, is Norway, whose fishing traditions span several centuries. Here everyone will find a place and fish to their taste: sea, river and lake fishing in Norway will provide a catch for everyone.

You can fish from a boat or boat, standing in the water or secluded with a fishing rod on the shore of a mirror lake. Contemplation of the beauty of the Norwegian fjords, the unique and vibrant nature of these places, as well as excellent infrastructure - all this is suitable not only for magnificent fishing, but also for a unique family vacation.

The best fishing regions in Norway are South and Central. Here are located unique natural attractions: fjords and glaciers, picturesque national parks.

Of particular importance are gear and clothing. After fishing in Norway, it is customary to carry out disinfection in stations located near a reservoir. Pouring liquids into a pond is also prohibited. The weather in Norway is quite unpredictable and can bring untidy surprises. Before you go fishing, you should find out the forecast or consult with local residents. Waterproof and windproof clothing is a must in your luggage.

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Tour | Forests

The fauna in Norway is very diverse, and there are many animals, which opens up amazing opportunities for hunters.

There are many moose, wild deer, fallow deer, hares, partridges and other forest and mountain animals. Hunting is allowed on government lands, common areas and lands belonging to private property. However, hunters in Norway need permission from the land owner and a hunting license.

Hunting is permitted only with the permission of the land owner. The owner has the right to grant hunting licenses in direct sale or by leasing land plots.

Citizens who do not reside permanently in Norway are not required to additionally undergo an examination in Norway if they have documentary evidence of hunting qualifications issued in their home country.

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