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Unique design

Modern, meaningful and understandable creative in all projects. Building a selling UI / UX - web site architecture, taking into account the specifics of the brand, principles and trends in the current market.

Professional layout

Follow the three programming principles: 1) DRY (don’t repeat yourself) - don't repeat yourself! 2) KISS (keep it simple stupid) - make things easier! 3) YAGNI (you ain’t gonna need it) - you won’t need it!

Effective promotion

Analysis and setup of a search advertising company for a business project at leading search sites - Google (Google Ads) and Yandex (Yandex Direct), as part of the strategy and budget company policy.


made in Ukraine by Denys Bolotnikov

Key development steps

  • 01Targets of a business project
  • 02Market and co-market analysis
  • 03UX and UI analytics
  • 04Prototyping
  • 05Design-concept
  • 06Front-end development
  • 07Back-end development
  • 08Testing and launching a project
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